Purpose: To reach out to groups and encourage an exchange of ideas and experiences between groups within an area. To show/practice Home Group unity through friendly competition with other groups.
This is accomplished by encouraging each Home Group to get its members together and make special trips to group meetings they would otherwise not attend.
Capture the Banner

The Eleven Functions of Capturing the Banner
1. Only groups registered as being members of the IEFA of Narcotics Anonymous Area may participate.
2. In order for a group to Capture/Pass the Banner, at least 5 members of that Home group must attend the regularly scheduled meeting of the group that currently has possession of the Banner.
**Note: Any group that has the banner in their possession may give it to a group that does not have 5 home group members. Remember: the banner is not about prestige. It’s about NA unity in the IEFA-one home group supporting another home group.
3. The banner cannot be captured/passed until the meeting is over. It is recommended that the capture take place after the closing. At no time should the capture of the banner interrupt the primary purpose of Narcotics Anonymous meetings. All 5 home group members must be in the meeting from the opening prayer to the closing prayer.
4. If more than one Home group attends the meeting and wants to capture the banner the final determining factor will be the farthest distance travelled from their home group to the capture group.
5. When a home group captures/passes the banner from another group, the capture/pass must be reported to the Capture the Banner coordinator via email or phone in order that they may update web on that same day.
6. Once captured/passed, the Banner must be present and displayed at all of the regularly scheduled meetings until it is captured by another group. If a home group that has captured the banner fails to display the banner, then it is forfeited back to Outreach.
7. At no time should a capture be refused as long as the above-noted conditions are met.
8. In order to find out which group currently has possession of the banner, members can check the status on the web or call the Banner Coordinator
9. The Home Group that has possession of the banner during an IEFA activity must send a member with the banner to the activity for display. If no member from that group plans to attend the activity, the banner must be relinquished temporarily to the IEFA Outreach to bring to the activity and display. Banner will be returned to the Group prior to the Groups next scheduled meeting.
10. The banner cannot be captured at a function; it must be captured at a regularly scheduled meeting.
11. All disputes will be settled by the Outreach Task Group as necessary.